Dude Perfect 2 for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer

Dude Perfect 2 is a new free-to-play fun and challenging physics based game where you have to make different stunt challenges that engage tracking several near-unattainable basketball trick shots. The game set with various ordinary basketballs and bowling balls and you must create the best of the equipment provided, as you try to “net” correct […]

Plunder Pirates for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer

Plunder Pirates is an attack-and-protect MMO strategy adventure game from Rovio where you are the captain of a pirate ship, and you’re considering of having a stronghold all your own. So you come to the high seas, making an island stranglehold, full with pirate team and weapons to protect yourself and your assets. That’s for […]

Mortal Kombat X for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer free download

Mortal Kombat X is a graphically pioneering battling and card collection game where you will be capable to make your individual side of Mortal Kombat warriors and get experience, latest exceptional attacks, and dominant artifacts. You have to participate as a team of three warriors as you work your approach through different challenge towers, while […]

Giddylizer for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer

Giddylizer or Giddyfingers lets you to Stamp your picture with notifications icon. The app offers a wonderful system to have fun and be artistic by communicating with the friends through tremendous iconography. You can modify your photographs by selecting from 100′s of gorgeous icon stickers that arrive pre-installed and you also can enlarge your icon […]

Star Trek Trexels for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer

Star Trek™ Trexels is a thrilling Space battle game with Away Missions by developer YesGnome, LLC where you can be the hero of the USS Valiant. Starfleet has selected you to complete the task within the Trexelian Expanse. It’s a vast region in space where secrecy flourishes. Starfleet desires you to make a ship and […]

Earn to Die 2 for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer

Earn to Die 2 is a zombie-smashing sequel that departs its well-known desert background and delves deep into towns swarming by zombies. In this game, there is a mass departure ship is staying on the other region of the country. The thing that places in your approach is city after city swarming by zombies. Your […]

Archery Master 3D for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer

Archery Master 3D is the most recent and most realistic archery simulation game by TerranDroid that allows you to check your abilities with a bow and arrow. What creates the game show up from other shooting titles is its keenness to making a sensible archery experience. The game presents ultra-realistic throwing experience that contains spectacular […]

Juice Jam for pc or Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer

Juice Jam is a latest juicy match-3 puzzle game with loads of fruity challenges by the developers of the hit game Cookie Jam. Cookie Jam was Facebook’s Game of the Year in 2014, and has continued ranked in the Apple Store since it was launched. The game has been installed 42 million times from all […]

MARVEL Future Fight for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer

MARVEL Future Fight is a new free-to-play action RPG that features a big number of Marvel heroes and villains. In this action role-playing game you have to form a 3-hero team as your preference from Marvel super heroes including The Avengers, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight […]

Does not Commute for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC Computer

Does not Commute is a new strategic driving game that asks you to get a car from one point of a city to another, repeatedly. Every time you do again the commute you’ll be dodging the auto-driving cars from your earlier sessions. And you’ll remain moving until you’re pushed into a chaotic blur of hot […]